Why social networking is not so bad after all?

Social Networking has stormed the World Wide Web by leaps and bounds. One fine day we were sending emails and the next day, thanks to the social network evolution, we are hooked to sites which help us connect to others and chat alongside. The next big thing after the introduction of the internet has undoubtedly got to be social networking. It has changed the very way we communicate with each other and the rest of the world. Although there has always been a debate on whether social networking has changed our lives for the better or for worse, on the whole everyone agrees that there have been several advantages rather than the other way round. Every day it’s becoming more and more apparent that the entire world is one big community where interdependence among countries has become a matter of high significance. Uploading personal details, our interests and hobbies along lots of our photos is one way looking at the whole point behind social networking.
The other way of looking at this would be; enlarging your social circles not just for the sake of knowing more people. It is more for the sake of knowing more people to achieve a common goal. For example, if you are an environmental activist and you are up to organizing some kind of an event in your locality and you are looking to invite people from other neighbourhoods as well in order to spread the awareness beyond your neighbourhood. There are so many other advantages you may derive, these include; getting to know the latest news since the news and print media too have begun to use these social networking sites. If that’s the case with keeping in touch with current affairs, the educational aspect is taken care by the task of giving out information that needs to be passed around to students in a university (it is far easier to pass on information through these sites rather than via email). Or if you are a budding photographer or just want your opinions to be heard then social networking is definitely the way to go.
Summing them up, social networking has had its impact on every possible walk of our life and it is time we set the ill effects aside and appreciate the revolution.