Social networking – Best place to voice out opinions.

Social networking sites are pretty much indispensable from our lives today. It is imperative that these social networks have laid foot on almost each and every sector. It has its own pros and cons. Social networking has given every citizen a place to ponder out their emotions and opinions. It has made business and marketing easy. With disadvantages like decrease in personal interaction and privacy issues, the major advantage is that, the social networking sites are the best place for marketing any kind of strategies. Both private and non-governmental organizations use these sites to voice their opinions and any kind of promotional activities. The major reason that keeps these sites going is that the functionality of these is extremely user-friendly.
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has been a major source of buzz for the print and visual media. Each and every politician and celebrities from various fields express their views on these sites which either make news or create controversy. Social networks help to keep these celebrities in the limelight off the screen as well. This prevents them from voicing their opinions with full freedom. After the social networks gained popularity, it has really helped in a lot more ways.
Also, the charity groups of today have made the best use of these social networking sites in raising funds and donations. A lot of people have come forward in helping different organizations. Along with this, the social networking sites are the perfect place to stir a protest. Some countries have blocked these sites fearing protests of this sort. Thus, social networking sites prove to be of maximum use as well as dangerous. It is essential that these sites are used to create a positive effect on people.